Sheena Campling
Region within South Africa: Benoni, Gauteng
Task team(s) involved in: Social Media, Marketing
Date of birth:. 11 March 1995
Year of diabetes diagnosis: 2005
Current occupation: Student at The Open Window Institute
How did you become involved in YWD? I went on my first YWD camp in 2006, ever since then I have wanted to help out with YWD, wanting to create awareness and to be there from an emotional aspect, that’s the biggest reasonI chose to be a part of YWD, to provide those with much needed realisation that they are not alone.
What do you believe is the biggest issue in diabetes in South Africa? Education for the most part, especially in the medical and schooling sector; many nurses and teaches are unaware of diabetes or how to cope and react with it in social circumstances. The other aspect I feel needs to be looked at is a sort of parent consoling, how to cope best with a child that has diabetes. And probably the most important in my opinion is the lack of medical supplies for diabetes that are not readily available to those in rural areas, or poor financial situations.
What do you plan to achieve for 2014/15 in YWD as an NEC member? I intend to create widespread attention focused on YWD, informing the public, and not only those with diabetes. I also wish to get people more involved in YWD including camps, WDD, fundraisers, functions etc.) The more social spheres YWD is involved in, the more coverage over RSA and even the world, the better.

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