Hester Davel
Region within South Africa: Gauteng
Task team(s) involved in: Founder and Chairperson
Date of birth:. 26 July 1967
Year of diabetes diagnosis: Involved in diabetes as an educator for over 19 years
Current occupation: Diabetes Educator/Diabetes coach, Education Manager at Centre of Diabetes and Endocrinology
How did you become involved in YWD? 10 years ago I saw the desperate need for those living with diabetes, to feel they belong and that they’re not alone. I shared this dream with Charl Oosthuizen and he made it all possible. We registered a NPO and with the support of Dr David Segal and my employer CDE, we started YWD. We now consist of a small group of young adults who just took this to heart by seeing the vision and making it a success.
What do you believe is the biggest issue in diabetes in South Africa? The lack of diabetes management in our public sector. The lack of understanding and knowledge  that the youth living with diabetes should have a glucose meter to test their blood glucose, enough strips, urine ketone strips, the correct insulin and insulin needles and the lifesaving Glucogen injection. That, along with the correct treatment and diabetes tools, lives will be saved, hospitalization will be decreased and complications lessened.
What do you plan to achieve for 2014/15 in YWD as an NEC member? To keep empowering the youth living with diabetes, to survive and live a long and happy lifeHost camps in new areas that need it desperatelyEmpower young adults with leadership skills and for YWD to be a future voiceAwareness in the misconceptions between type 1 and type 2 diabetes.Establish more support groups for those living with diabetes and those caring for them

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